Cajun Stain & Seal in San Antonio can help in Protecting your Investment

   The best time to stain your wooden fence or deck is within the first six months of being installed, this will protect it from the elements before any discoloration occurs. At this stage the process only calls for the application of a stain for your fence or deck which will waterproof and keep it protected from mildew and UV rays. This way your fence or deck will remain looking like the day it was installed.

   The two most common natural enemies of your wooden fence or deck will begin to fall victim to the elements and show of mildew as early as six months after being installed.  And if your fence or deck is slightly or heavily covered with mold or mildew then give us a call because we specialize in bringing old damaged wood back to life!

   The staining process involves a two system approach...before staining we will clean the mold and mildew off with our eco-friendly cleaning products. Power washing is necessary ONLY if heavy mold to be removed before hand.

   After the wooden fence or deck is cleaned and completely dried we apply the stain that will help to beautify, protect, and preserve the wood. This is the way to prolong the life of your wood for decades.

Thanks for reading, Cajun Stain & Seal in San Antonio